If you have ever had your computer infected with viruses or spyware, you know how very frustrating, annoying and expensive it can be to get it fixed.

Calibre Computer Solutions now offers you a way to make sure your computer —and all of your important files—is more secure and more reliable than ever. With the big increase in the number and severity of virus infections, I know you agree this is a valuable service.


  • We install a small software program on your enrolled computer(s) to insure they are protected against the latest security threats.
  • We install award-winning, rock-solid antivirus software, properly configure it, and schedule regular scans of your PC.
  • When software manufacturers (like Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, and others) release updates that fix potential security problems in their programs, we apply them to your computer automatically. This minimizes the possibility of your computer becoming infected.
  • We configure your computer(s) to use our protected servers when you browse the Internet. This keeps you safe from fraudulent web sites and scammers trying to steal your personal information. It also helps speed up your web browsing.
  • If your covered computer(s) become infected with a virus, we will clean the virus infection from the computer at no charge to you.


Absolutely not! A single virus removal would typically cost you between $109 and $199. In addition, a good antivirus software program costs from $39 to $69. Add this to the cost of lost files & data, the time and frustration of waiting to get your PC fixed, and it’s WAY more expensive than a full year of our service. And that’s assuming that you only get infected once per year!

The VirusInterceptor™ service only costs $18.95 per month per PC. That is less than 62¢ per day.

And remember, if you would happen to get a virus on your computer, there’s NO CHARGE for us to clean it up.


  • This service does not fix or repair computer problems, such as error messages, Internet problems, etc.
  • It is only designed to provide bullet-proof protection against virus and spyware infections.
  • Membership in this service provides a 5% discount on other types of repairs and service calls.
  • There is a one time setup fee of $39 per PC to cover software licensing and administrative costs.
  • Requires a 1-year commitment and valid credit card.
  • Must have high-speed Internet service (DSL or cable).


Participants of the VirusInterceptor™ service plan are eligible to add on the following services:

REMOTE BACKUPS – For a small monthly fee, we can automatically and safely backup your most important data and files (like your pictures, documents and music).

TOTAL SYSTEM CARE – For an additional $29 per month, we will include 1 hour per month of over the phone troubleshooting for your covered computer(s). This can be used to fix problems and issues not covered by the standard package. (Save $30.40 off our normal rate.)


“When the subscription for our last antivirus program expired, we enrolled in Calibre’s VirusInterceptor™ program. Our computer has been virus-free ever since and we no longer have to worry about keeping our computer protected.” — Kevin W., Princeton, IN

“I am so thankful Calibre takes care of all my computer needs. Knowing that they are protecting my computer from viruses and spyware, as well as keeping my computer up-to-date, lets me enjoy life and focus on what’s important to me.” — Cookie E., Princeton, IN

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