Get Remote Support

If you were sent to this page by a Calibre technician, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Download Calibre QuickSupport." If you wish to receive remote support, please call us at 812-386-8919 to schedule an appointment.

When you’re using your computer and you run into a problem, it’s a major inconvenience to schedule an appointment, haul your PC to the repair center and wait to have it fixed. Then when you get it back home, you have to figure out how to hook it all back up.

With our Remote PC Support service, you can quickly get most of your common computer problems solved over your high-speed Internet connection by an expert technician.

We can:

  • Install, configure and train you on new software
  • Fix email and other software problems
  • Stop pop-ups
  • Perform standard maintenance and install Windows updates/patches
  • Speed up your computer and increase performance
  • Fix error messages
  • Provide personalized training
  • And much more!

Our Remote PC software is secured by 128-bit encryption and is password-protected, so no one else but an authorized technician can access your computer through our software.

It’s extremely simple to use. When you need help, simply call or email our office and we’ll handle the rest. You can simply sit back and watch us work, or you can go do other things while we resolve your problem.

The Remote PC Service costs much less than traditional computer support options! By connecting directly through the Internet, we can complete the work in much less time, saving you money.

Click here to download Calibre QuickSupport