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Windows 10 Users: What You Need To Know About the Creators Update

Get ready Windows 10 users! Microsoft’s forcing another major update to your PCs.

This update, called the Windows 10 Creators Update, began being rolled out to users in mid-April. But because it’s a massive update, it’s been a relatively slow process.

It’s not been until recently that many of my clients using Windows 10 (despite all my ranting and raving about how horrible it is) have received their notification to install the update.

While the Windows 10 Creators Update brings new features and functionality to your computer, it also presents its own set of problems that could cause you frustration and a trip to your computer doctor.

Here’s a brief rundown of what you need to know.

What’s New?

Paint 3D.

Gone is the old Microsoft Paint program, which allowed you to crudely draw images reminiscent of elementary school artwork.

With Paint 3D, you can draw, import and create pictures of all types – yes, including 3D images. If you have a touch screen computer, you can even use a stylus to perfect your masterpiece.

Night Light.

Sleep experts warn against using computers, tablets and TVs an hour prior to bed. The blue light emitted from those devices can negatively affect your ability to fall asleep.

With Night Light, you can now have your PC automatically reduce the amount of blue light at sunset or at a specific time at night. Allowing you to use your computer till you’re ready to doze off.

Although third-party programs, like F.lux, have offered this functionality previously, Microsoft now incorporates it directly in the operating system.

Better Control Over Updates

One of my biggest complaints about Windows 10 – aside from its horrific invasion of privacy as it records nearly every single thing you do on your computer – is the lack of control over choosing and installing Windows Updates.

While Microsoft still forces every update on your PC, the Creators Update gives you the ability to postpone updates for up to a week.

It also now allows you to set longer active hours, so your computer doesn’t automatically install an update and reboot right in the middle of when you’re using it.

Beware of These Problems

Features in the Creators Update can be beneficial if you’re using a Windows 10 computer. So I encourage users to install it (not like you have a choice, since Microsoft will force it on your computer soon anyway).

But you should be aware of these two issues:

  1. The Windows 10 Creators Update is a massive download.  It can take several hours for your computer to download and complete the install.You shouldn’t use anything other than a high-speed cable Internet connection to download the update to your computer.

    One of my clients recently got hit with a massive overage fee on his cellular data plan when Microsoft decided it was his time to receive the update download.  Other clients using slower Internet providers, like Frontier DSL, have experienced problems with the Creators Update installing because of a corrupted download.

    I’ve also heard reports of computers being completely unusable after a failed Creators Update installation.  The only remedy in such cases is a complete wipe and reload to the original factory settings – which could mean loss of all your pictures, documents and music and a hefty repair bill.

  2. Installing the Windows 10 Creators Update reverses most of the privacy changes made on your computer.Several of our safety conscientious clients with Windows 10 PCs have had us perform our Windows 10 Optimization Service.  We modify a large number of settings to reduce the snooping Microsoft does as you use your computer and to improve the speed and performance of your computer.

    After the Creators Update is successfully installed, many of those settings must be modified once again so Microsoft can’t track your every move.

Final Words of Wisdom

Avoid Windows 10 at all costs. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new computer, be sure to buy one with Windows 7. You won’t find them at the big box stores, but computer companies like Calibre Computer Solutions can still order them – but only until October 31.

If you already use a Windows 10 computer, you’ll be wiser to let a trusted computer professional well-versed in Windows 10 to install the Creators Update and make sure your privacy settings are configured to protect you.