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Move Over Craigslist, There’s A New Buy/Sell App in Town

Yard Sale

When I was a kid, I enjoyed everything about yard sales.

Getting up early on a Saturday morning, carefully setting up our “treasures” on the tables, and making change for every sale excited me. I’d be content sitting there for hours as people flocked to find a bargain.

But as I celebrate another birthday today (nope … not revealing my age!), I detest even the thought of holding a yard sale!

You can probably relate.

  • You agree it’s a lot of hard work to make only a few bucks – maybe break $100 if you’re lucky! You have to:
  • Sift through all your “stuff” and decide if you want to part with it
  • Figure out how much you want to sell it for (compared to what you can realistically get for it)
  • Write and place price tags on each individual thing
  • Get up early to set up tables, unbox everything, and display it in some sort of organized fashion
  • Wait (not-so-)patiently for shoppers
  • Haggle over price – including the thing you have marked for 50 cents that someone only wants to pay a quarter for
  • Pack up all the leftovers (probably 90% of what you had for sale) in the trunk of your car to take to Goodwill.

The Internet, though, has made buying and selling your unwanted possessions significantly easier than having an old-fashioned yard sale.

The birth of eBay in 1995, followed by Craigslist in 2000, and now dozens of online yard sale Facebook groups allow you to part with your undesirable stuff from the comfort of your own home. It also makes it A LOT easier to make someone else’s junk your treasure.

Craigslist is probably the most notorious for deals gone wrong. Writer Chrissy Stockton shares some horror stories in her article “50 Craigslist Meet Ups You’re Really Glad You Weren’t A Part Of,” which can be found at

As with all technology, something better always comes along.

OfferUp ( takes the best of eBay and Craiglist and combines it into one easy-to-use mobile app and website.
In less than three minutes, you can create your account either on their website or on the mobile app downloaded to your smartphone.

After that, it’s as easy as walking around your house, using your phone to snap photos of the items you want to see, and then posting a short description and an asking price.

OfferUp makes your goods available on its platform and connects you with buyers in your local area.

When you receive an offer, you’ll get an alert on your phone. Buyers can even “chat” with you right in the application. Once someone says they want to buy your item, you agree on a place to meet and make the exchange.

How is this different from Craigslist?

The user rating system.

Both buyers and sellers can rate each other on how well the other person held up their end of the deal. If you’re a “no show” on a sale, you’ll get a bad rating. Likewise, if you misrepresent the product you’re selling, a buyer can give you a bad rating.

As with anytime you’re meeting a stranger, use caution and common sense.
· Check the buyer/seller ratings.
· Meet in a public place.
· Take someone with you.

Isn’t it time you stopped reading and started selling?!?

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