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Mission: To Protect You

Profit From Advice

“You were right!” the email subject line proclaimed from my inbox.

“Windows 10 took over my computer.  … I hate it!  …  Now I am a prisoner to Windows 10.  Can it be reversed and let me have my old system back?” inquired a client.

I could have saved him from so much frustration, I thought to myself as I began my reply to his message.

You see, for months I’ve been shouting the warnings and dangers of Windows 10.  In tech columns.  Email newsletters.  Special email announcements.  Phone conversations.  In-person discussions.

I’ve even offered a very inexpensive way I can easily prevent Windows 10 from doing its damage.  Saving clients money and frustration.

But so many ignored my passionate pleas.  Some sadly suffered the consequences that could have easily been avoided.

Another preventative solution we offer at Calibre Computer Solutions is a web filtering and protection service.  For just pennies a day, it’s extremely effective at reducing your risk of virus infections on your PC.  Much better than just antivirus software alone.

The web protection software blocks you from visiting – either intentionally or accidentally – websites known to contain viruses or otherwise harm your computer.

Not too long ago, a client called me irritated that our software kept him from getting to websites he wanted to visit.  He requested I remove the web protection software from his PC.

As I talked with him and had him show me how he performed his Google search for the website he wanted to go to, I saw that he was being blocked from going to a known harmful website that would immediately infect his computer if he were allowed to go there.

The Google search result looked like it was the legitimate website he was searching for, but a closer examination revealed tell-tale signs that it was a fake site.

It took me about 40 minutes to show and convince him that the web protection was doing its job.  I demonstrated he could access the legitimate site he desired to visit.  I explained the software had already blocked him from visiting hundreds of harmful sites in the last 30 days.

My client wisely decided to keep the web protection software on his computer.  Otherwise, he would have called me later in the day scheduling an appointment for a virus removal.

Receiving warnings or even being prevented from doing something dangerous or deadly is a good thing.

It’s akin to driving through town.  As you approach the railroad crossing, the lights flash, the bells ding, and the gates descend.  Your path is blocked because of an oncoming train traveling 50 miles an hour.

You could choose to huff and puff, demand that you want to cross those tracks right now because you’ve got places to be, and maneuver your car around the gates.  Doing so could result in serious injury or worse.

But heeding the warning or accepting being denied access would save your life, save your money, and save you pain.

My messages to you – whether you’re a client of mine or simply someone who only reads this tech column – are written with the same heartfelt desire:  to protect you from bad situations with your computer and to make using your computer more enjoyable and less expensive.

But I can only proclaim the warning and offer the advice.  It’s up to you to do something with it.

I echo the conversation of Rowena and Stryder in the book A Dark Champion:

Rowena: “You can’t save the world, Stryder.”

Stryder: “If I save one person, then I have saved their world. … I might not save them all, but I have to save as many as I can.”