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Do It Yourself or Consult A Pro?

Are you an Uncle Joe?

I cherish many memories of my Uncle Joe.  He and my Aunt Becky provided me my first childhood job working in their Hawaiian Bliss shaved ice trailer at tristate festivals and fairs.

One time while vacationing with them at their Waycross, Georgia, home, my Uncle Joe even arranged for me to play a piano solo for Garry Jones, the pianist of my favorite Southern Gospel quartet Gold City.

But my Uncle Joe was also stubborn and sneaky.  Before he passed away last December, his health had been declining.  Several years ago, his doctor told him he needed to quit smoking cigarettes.  Otherwise his life would be greatly shortened and less than enjoyable.

Instead of adopting a plan to break his unhealthy habit, he would make excuses to run errands so he could take a few puffs several times every day.  Hoping to not get caught by Becky!  (Even though I and my mom had seen him many times driving his van in town, smoking a cigarette.)

I understand quitting smoking is extremely hard.  While all of us inherently know not smoking greatly improves our health, some people just won’t give it up.  Even if the doctor tells you it’s really your only choice.

diy-or-professionalWhen it comes to technology, it’s tempting to do it all yourself – whether it’s for your personal home use or your local business.  It’s easy to dismiss the advice of computer professionals, hoping to save a few pennies.

That decision usually results in unintended problems, which cost more to correct.  Just like not listening to your doctor.

Sometimes having an expert’s guidance and assistance really is the best option.

Starting A Business Ain’t Easy

Laurie’s been a client of mine for six years.  We’ve maintained her personal computers by keeping them protected against viruses and safely backing up her important pictures and documents.

When she and her husband decided to start their own business, Laurie called for advice and assistance in purchasing the right computers and software.  She thoughtfully answered my questions and attentively listened to and adopted my recommendations tailored to their business’ specific needs.

Not only did I provide technical expertise, I also offered practical business advice to help them avoid many common mistakes new business owners make.

They’re on the right track to a successful business venture as a result of seeking and implementing recommendations of professionals – myself, their accountant, their lawyer and others.

It’s Just A Cable Modem, Right?

Norma recently received a new cable modem in the mail from Time Warner for her home.  She needed to replace her existing modem to take advantage of the faster Internet speeds soon to be available in our area.

Although the Time Warner customer service agent said it would be easy to install, Norma called me.

I advised her that depending on the device Time Warner sent her, a special setting may be necessary to avoid problems with her wireless network.

I explained that another client recently had a new modem installed at her house, but because the cable guy didn’t properly configure it, she had problems keeping her tablets connected wirelessly.

Norma asked that I install her new modem to make sure it was set up correctly.

Sometimes DIY is a good option.  But it’s never a bad idea to seek input from a professional first.