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Tired of annoying Windows 10 pop-ups?

Say No to Windows 10

No doubt you’ve been annoyed by the constant pop-ups from Microsoft on your Windows 7 or 8 computer urging you to upgrade to Windows 10.

All you want to do is relax by playing a game of solitaire, catch up on the day’s news, or see what friends have posted on Facebook.

Instead, you’re forced to close the window that takes up more than half your screen before you can enjoy using your computer.

It’s like malware

Microsoft is becoming more and more aggressive and intrusive with their notifications. 

  • A pop-up appears every time you power on your PC.
  • An icon displays in the bottom right corner of your desktop.
  • It takes over your manual Windows update options.

This behavior simulates that of virus and malware infections.

Microsoft’s questionable tactics

Did you know that these forced “ads” significantly slow down your computer when you first power it on?

It does.

Windows 7 computers, for example, take 20-30 seconds longer to fully start background programs and services because the Windows 10 notifications must load first.  This forces you to wait before your PC is ready to use.

Did you also realize Microsoft steals your precious hard drive space by secretly downloading the Windows 10 installer files to your computer?

I’ve seen on client computers as much as 6.2GB of hard drive space filled with Windows 10 installation files.  Files my clients did not download nor give permission for them to be downloaded.

Watch where you click

Besides the intrusiveness, the biggest problem with the incessant pop-ups and notifications is the risk for you to accidentally click the wrong button and install Windows 10 on your computer.

This “oops” can cause major problems and cost hundreds of dollars to fix.  We’ve seen dozens clients experience this.

One client didn’t understand the changes the upgrade would make to her computer – until after she had clicked “yes” on the pop-up and Windows 10 installed.  When her computer rebooted, she couldn’t find her programs or files.  And her favorite game – solitaire – was no longer on her PC.

Another client’s laptop became a useless doorstop after she accidentally approved the Windows 10 upgrade.  When her laptop rebooted, neither her mouse nor keyboard worked.

Last week, a client brought her desktop in because her grandchildren clicked the “upgrade now” button in the pop-up, which installed Windows 10.  She, too, was very frustrated by the changes.

Put a stop to the madness

Microsoft doesn’t want you to keep your Windows 7 or 8.  They’re doing everything possible to annoy you into upgrading to Windows 10.

They figure you’ll get tired of closing the pop-ups, so one time you’ll finally click the “upgrade now” button to be done with it.

They don’t care if you like Windows 10 or not.  They’re not concerned that your computer may not be able to handle the new operating system.  It doesn’t bother them that you can’t play your favorite solitaire game because it’s no longer part of the operating system.

You’re smart – you won’t upgrade to Windows 10.  I’ve written before about the problems it causes.

But you don’t have to forever suffer with a slower computer, stolen hard drive space, or the annoying pop-ups.

There is a quick and easy way to stop Microsoft from bugging you with the upgrade notifications.  It also deletes all the unnecessary Windows 10 files from your computer.

It can keep you from accidentally clicking the wrong button and save you headaches and hundreds of dollars.

For more information about how to put an end to the Windows 10 notifications, send me an email at or call me at (812) 386-8919.