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Two Programs That Make Your Life Easier


Over the past two months, I’ve been working with a client to help him better understand and utilize his tech gadgets – namely his desktop computer and iPhone. 

Life circumstances have forced him to set aside time to learn ways they will make his life more effective and enhance his productivity.  Mainly by installing and using two software programs that sync his information between his PC and his iPhone.

He’s an extremely busy person.  So these tools need to be easy to implement and even easier to use. 

He’s very detailed.  So these tools need to be able to help him organize and retrieve the wealth of information he will be putting into his electronic devices.

He’s also very security conscious.  So these tools must put his mind at ease that his personal information is secure no matter where it resides or how he accesses it.

The first program I introduced him to was Evernote (

This client takes detailed notes about many things.  It makes sense.  He’s busy and it would be easy to forget critical information – especially the small stuff.

His iPhone’s Notes app contained dozens, if not hundreds, of individual notes:

  • To-do lists
  • Things to remember
  • Passwords

But he had no way to easily search for information he’d entered in 6 months ago.  There was no organization to it.

And it was only available on his iPhone.  Couldn’t be accessed on his computer.

Evernote comes to the rescue.  This free program allows you to create notes on any device on which you have it installed.  They are then synced to all your other devices – where you can read them, edit them, or delete them.

You can organize your notes into notebooks.  You can search your notes.

In the ridiculously affordable paid version of Evernote, you can do even more – like save clips from the Internet, save emails into the program, turn notes into presentations, and share notes with others.

The second program I introduced him to was LastPass (

Described as “the last password you’ll have to remember,” this program completely eliminates the hassle of remembering oft-forgotten information.

Obviously LastPass can store passwords for all your websites – Facebook, Gmail, Home Shopping Network, and more.  It can even automatically log you in to websites for which you have passwords saved.

But LastPass doesn’t just store your passwords – it can store ALL of your hard-to-remember information.  It keeps important information handy, even when you don’t have the actual card or document in front of you.

You can create secure notes to save bank account numbers, credit card numbers, email logins, insurance information, passports, social security numbers, driver’s license information, wireless network passwords, and even generic notes.

The best part is for just $12 a year, you can sync and access your passwords on all your devices – desktop computer, laptop computer, smartphone, and tablet.

If you’re looking to simplify your life, I encourage you to begin with your passwords and important notes.  Let these two programs take the stress of remembering stuff away.

Just like my client I introduced these to, you’ll be more effective and productive.