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Control Your Facebook News Feed With The New “See First” Feature



Have you ever gotten frustrated scrolling through your Facebook news feed because it’s cluttered with pictures and posts from people you hardly know or talk to?

And you can’t easily find the recipe Aunt Sally posted that the rest of your family is talking about?

Wouldn’t it be nice to always see weather alerts, sports updates, and community updates from pages like Gibson County Communique, Wabash Valley Weather Alerts, and the South Gibson Star-Times?

Over the years, Facebook has tried to understand who and what you prefer to see when you log in.  But their best efforts using complex algorithms have fallen short.

But now, Mark Zuckerberg’s development team may have finally created a feature that truly works.  It makes sense too because it lets YOU decide what you want to see – to a degree.

The new feature is called “See First.”  It allows you to identify the people and pages whose status updates you determine are of higher priority than everyone else in your Facebook world.

For example, you may always want to see updates from your family members.  Maybe you want to stay abreast of the latest news or financial information shared by certain media outlets.

“See First” allows you to select those individuals and pages whose posts you want to never miss.

Of course, you’ll still see pictures and updates from other people on your friends list, but you may not see everything.  (Facebook hasn’t fully revealed how this new feature works.)

How do you set up the “See First” feature on your Facebook account?  It’s simple!

  • Log in to Facebook on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Click on the blue down arrow located at the far right of the blue bar across the top of your Facebook page. You will see a drop-down menu of options.
  • Click on “News Feed Preferences.” A new window will open.
  • Click on “Prioritize who to see first.” You will see all of the Facebook pages you have liked, people you have followed, and people who are your Facebook friends.  They appear in no particular order.
  • Click on the picture of the friend or page whose posts you always want to see at the top of your news feed. A white star in a blue circle indicates you have selected them.

    If you ever wish to remove a person or page from your priority list, simply click the picture on this screen to remove the white star in the blue circle.

  • Click the Done button after you have finished making your selections.