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How to Stop Those Annoying Facebook Game Requests

Have you ever read a Facebook friend’s status that screamed, “STOP SENDING ME REQUESTS TO PLAY YOUR FACEBOOK GAME!”?  Or maybe they’ve said, not so bluntly, “I don’t care that you’ve reached level 2,567,894 in FarmVille!  Stop asking me to play it.  I don’t want to!”

For those of us that simply use Facebook as a means to communicate with friends and family, the constant barrage of game and app requests becomes tiresome.

Here are 5 simple steps to block app requests from repeatedly appearing in your notifications area.  NOTE:  You will need to follow these steps for every game or app request you receive.  But once you complete it for that particular game or app, that one should not appear again.

Step 1

Click on the App Center link (see Figure 1).  This link is located on the left side of your Facebook news feed toward the bottom.


Step 2

Click on the Requests link (see Figure 2).  This link is located on the left side of the App Center menu toward the bottom.


Step 3

In the middle of your screen, you will then see a list of all games and apps your Facebook friends have invited you to try.  To block the app, click on the “X” to the right of the game’s title (see Figure 3).


Step 4

Below the app request, an option box will appear.  You want to click on the option that says, “Block (whatever the apps name is).”  (See Figure 4).


Step 5

A final confirmation box (see Figure 5) should appear on your screen advising you that you will no longer receive invitations from others about that particular app.  Simply click “OK” and the box will close.


Following this simple process will quickly dwindle the number of annoying app requests you are notified about each time you log in to Facebook.  Now back to the important reason we’re all on Facebook – to be nosey about what everyone else is thinking and doing!