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Why You Should Avoid Windows 8: Part 2 of 3

Windows 8

In the first installment of this 3-part blog series, I shared that Windows 8 will be extremely difficult to use and will take you hours to figure out how to do things that you’re used to doing in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Today, I want to share with you two more reasons why you will want to avoid Windows 8 and how you can avoid this nightmare of an operating system.


Windows 8 Doesn’t Allow You To Play DVDs

Nearly every computer manufactured in the last 5 years comes with a DVD-player or DVD-burner installed.  All current versions of Windows allow you to play DVDs with the built-in Windows Media Player.

But Microsoft, in their quest to radically alter their operating system, has chosen to remove the ability for you to play back DVDs on your computer – unless, of course, you purchase a program or add-on that provides that capability.

It’s a relatively easy and inexpensive workaround, but the fact that Microsoft is removing a key built-in component that’s been available in many of their previous versions of Windows is bothersome.  It just creates another problem that you have to fix when you buy a computer with Windows 8 pre-installed.


Your Current Hardware And Software May Not Be Compatible With Windows 8

Hardware, such as printers, scanners, and webcams, require drivers to communicate with the operating system to work properly.  Software programs require special coding for each version of an operating system to insure they run error-free.

Many computer users – and you may be one of them – found that their existing printers and other hardware and software didn’t work with Windows Vista when it first came out.  This required them to spend money buying new hardware or upgrading software so it would work.

Several reviewers of the Windows 8 operating system report having problems getting current hardware and software to work because updated drivers are not available.  Manufacturers of these devices may or may not release updates because it takes significant time and money for them to create these updates.

Simply put, by purchasing a computer with Windows 8 installed, you may also have to spend more money buying a new printer and new software and other peripherals that will work with Windows 8 – because your existing ones may not work with it.


How Can You Avoid This Nightmare?

I’m not the type of person to pressure someone to purchase something.  I absolutely despise going to a business where the salesperson is standing over my shoulder and pressuring me to buy.  Even if it’s something that I already know I want.

As your trusted computer advisor, I feel it is my responsibility to arm you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about what’s best for you regarding your computer.

With the big, sweeping – and not so user-friendly – changes coming with Windows 8 sometime in October, I honestly believe that if the thought about buying a new computer has even remotely crossed your mind, NOW is the time to do so.  You absolutely will not want to wait until after September because all new computers will come with the horrendous Windows 8 pre-installed.  And you will have NO CHOICE but to live with and spend hours learning the devilish operating system (and regretting not buying a computer with Windows 7 installed).

Windows 7 is the most recent operating system currently installed on all new computers.  It maintains the look-and-feel that you are used to (with a few slight changes if you’re still using a Windows XP computer).  It is a stable and reliable operating system, just like Windows XP was.  It has very few problems and most computer users like it.

The best time to buy your new computer is NOW – before Windows 8 is released, which is scheduled for some time in October.  This will insure that your computer has the Windows 7 operating system and protects you from the nightmare of Windows 8.


But don’t just go out and buy ANY computer with Windows 7.

I would be doing you a major disservice
if I didn’t inform you of four things to seriously
consider before you buy a new computer.


In the last part of this blog series, I will share with you the 4 things you must consider before buying a new computer.