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Are You Using the Safest Web Browser?

Web Browsers

Like most computer users, you probably spend a little time each day on the Internet.  You may read the news, check the latest status updates of your friends on Facebook, sort through your incoming email, and play a few online games.

A program installed on your computer called a web browser allows you access to nearly everything on the Internet.  Internet Explorer is the most common web browser and comes preinstalled on your computer.  Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are two other popular and free web browsers that can be installed on your PC.

We have seen an increase in damaging viruses infecting computers over the past month.  Most of these viruses attacked while the computer user was on the Internet – in many cases, while viewing or visiting various websites.

Keeping your computer system safe from viruses and malware is a multi-layered approach.  It requires having an effective antivirus program, a reliable hardware firewall, and constantly installing the latest Windows and other software updates to fix security vulnerabilities.

Using a safe web browser is another important tool in protecting your computer and your personal information.

Most people use Internet Explorer simply because it is already installed on their computers.  But is it the safest one to use?

A recent study performed by Accuvant Labs shows that Internet Explorer is NOT the safest web browser (the complete report can be found at  Their in-depth evaluation of the big three– Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome – found that Google Chrome is the web browser that is most likely to keep your computer secure from viruses, malware and other attacks.  Surprisingly, Mozilla Firefox was deemed to be the least secure.

It must be noted that while Accuvant asserts their study is unbiased, their research was commissioned by Google.  Furthermore, Microsoft claims their Internet Explorer 9 is the most secure web browser in the world (Microsoft’s study can be found at

So who do you believe?  Remember, statistics can be made to prove practically ANY point one wants to make.

But here’s my expert opinion:  Google Chrome, from my personal use and research, does seem to be a faster, more secure web browser than the others.  Chrome is updated more frequently than the others, which helps fix security problems faster, thus protecting your computer better.

I would recommend installing and using Google Chrome for all your Internet surfing.  Google Chrome can be downloaded from our website at