The Managed Antivirus protecting your computer expires soon.
Keep your PC safe from virus & malware infections.
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Virus and malware infections pose the greatest threat to your computer. Even a minor infection can cost $200 or more to clean up.

The Managed Antivirus protecting your computer expires next month. To keep your computer shielded from viruses, malware and spyware, you must renew your subscription today. Failing or forgetting to renew will leave your PC at extreme high risk for infection.

Antivirus Alone Doesn't Fully Protect You

Antivirus protection alone simply isn't adequate to keep your computer free from viruses, malware, and hackers looking to steal your personal and financial information.

Hackers and virus writers work around the clock devising more complex, more devious methods of attacking your computer. Antivirus software can only react once a new virus has been released. It can take hours or days to analyze how an infection spreads and to write code that blocks or removes these new infections.

Antivirus + Web Protection = Bulletproof Defense

You now have the opportunity to upgrade your computer's security with our new Managed Web Protection. When combined with the Managed Antivirus, it virtually makes your PC bulletproof from virus infections.

Adding Managed Web Protection is important for two reasons:

  1. It stops you from accidentally visiting malicious websites that push malware, spyware, adware, botnets, and other harmful programs to your computer.
  2. It serves as a parental control software keeping your kids and grandkids from visiting inappropriate websites.

True Story
Earlier this year, one of our clients paid us over $327 to remove viruses from his computers 3 times in 2 months. He finally agreed to subscribe to the Advanced Protection plan that includes the Web Protection software. He hasn't had another virus infection since!

Take Action Now!

Risks on the Internet are only getting worse. As I've told you before, viruses can be transmitted to your computer from legitimate websites - such as MSN, Yahoo, your Time Warner or Frontier email login page, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

At bare minimum, you absolutely MUST have antivirus software installed on your PC to provide basic protection.

Wouldn't you agree, though, that for just 13¢ more per day getting better insurance against the latest and most dangerous threats is worth it?

Want GUARANTEED protection against viruses? Click here to learn about our VirusInterceptorâ„¢ Service.


  • All antivirus renewals must be completed ONLINE using the links below. Renewals cannot be processed over the phone.
  • All antivirus renewals are billed MONTHLY to your debit or credit card. Renewals cannot be prepaid annually. Renewals cannot be paid by cash or check.
  • Be sure to update the Quantity field on the order form for the correct number of computers you wish to protect.
  • Call our office at (812) 386-8919 if you have any questions. But remember we cannot process renewals over the phone.

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Minimum Protection
per PC per month
For people who use their PC 1 to 2 times a week
Antivirus only
Blocks viruses
Blocks malware
Blocks spyware
Continually updated
Renew Now!
Guaranteed Protection
per PC per month
For people who use their PC every day
GUARANTEED no virus infections or clean up is free
Blocks viruses
Blocks malware
Blocks spyware
Blocks infected websites
Parental controls
Continually updated
Automatic Windows updates
Automatic software updates
Never pay for a virus removal
5% discount on service calls
Get GUARANTEED Protection!